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INFINITI Looks to the Future with “The Makers” Tribute

2022 INFINITI QX55 | Syracuse, NY

When bringing luxury vehicles to life, INFINITI draws upon traditional Japanese artisanship, design philosophies, and aesthetics. To celebrate the brand’s cultural heritage, INFINITI has created a series called “The Makers,” which explores the connections between creators and their crafts.

In the most recent installation of “The Makers,” six Kyoto-based artisans conversed with INFINITI Senior Design Director Taisuke Nakamura at a roundtable-style discussion. The craftspeople discussed how ancient Japanese arts are integrated into the design of INFINITI models, as well as the challenges and joys that come with merging their traditional practices with the modern world. While these traditions may be rooted in Kyoto, the artisans expressed a desire to unite the world through beauty and innovation.

“I hope that the products that are made with such care and attention to detail are shared with the world can go beyond any religion or ideology,” explained Shuji Nakagawa, who creates handcrafted wooden vessels using a mix of traditional techniques and modern tools like computer-aided design. “It's not just about connecting people and countries but connecting people through our craft. We have that kind of potential.”

From the sleek QX55 to the spacious QX80, you can experience the beauty of our INFINITI models for yourself — just schedule a test drive at INFINITI of Syracuse today.

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INFINITI Ranks Highest in Online Inquiry Responsiveness Study

INFINITI Ranks Highest in Online Inquiry Responsiveness Study | Syracuse, NY


According to a new study, INFINITI customer service proves that shopping for a car online can be a convenient, hassle-free experience. The 2022 Pied Piper PSI Internet Lead Effectiveness Benchmarking Study revealed that INFINITI ranked above all other automakers when it comes to responding to online inquiries.


This study included over 3,600 automotive retailers from across the country. It ranked them based on how quickly they responded to inquiries in a 24-hour period. The data revealed that over half of all INFINITI dealers answer customer questions within 30 minutes of receiving the inquiry.

Jeff Pope, group vice president of INFINITI Americas, expressed his pride in the performance of INFINITI retailers. "Our commitment to the Total Ownership Experience begins at the first interaction, and I am thankful that INFINITI dealers and retailers stepped up and delivered again," he stated in a press release.


INFINITI of Syracuse is proud to be a dealership that’s always ready to serve customers. We make online car shopping easy with the INFINITI of Syracuse at Home buying process. You can browse our online inventory from the comfort of your home, settle on a price with online communication, apply for credit on our website, and even have your trade-in vehicle appraised with just a few clicks.


Ready to see how easy buying a car can be? Contact us on our website or via email at INFINITI of Syracuse today to get the process started.

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INFINITI “The Voices of QX60” Highlights the Women Behind the New SUV

2022 INFINITI QX60 | Syracuse, NY

The 2022 INFINITI QX60 was designed with women in mind. To create an SUV that can adapt to the demands of a career, family life, and recreation, INFINITI called upon a team of skilled women designers and engineers to bring the QX60 to life. To document their hard work and talent, INFINITI created a four-part short film series, entitled “The Voices of QX60: Meet the Women Who Powered the All-New QX60.”


In this series, the leading ladies of the QX60 design team discuss how their experiences helped them create this sophisticated luxury SUV. INFINITI Color Designer Sayuri Nakashima drew upon her Japanese heritage to craft the QX60’s Zen-like interior design and serene color choices. When working on creating a vehicle that’s suited to both a career and family life, Trisha Jung considered her busy lifestyle as Director for Pricing and Incentives and Model Line Management.


Durability Test Engineer Heather Kniep poured her passion for cars and her expert engineering skills into refining the QX60’s new all-wheel-drive technology. And Senior Design Manager Michelle Christensen led the project by finding inspiration in the innovative QX60 Monograph concept.


You can watch “The Voices of QX60” on the official INFINITI YouTube channel and the brand’s various social media pages.


Come see what these designers and engineers created — check out the 2022 INFINITI QX60, available now at INFINITI of Syracuse.

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