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Tips for Preparing Your Trade-In Vehicle

When it’s time to trade in your vehicle, you want to get the best value and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Here’s a look at some easy tips for preparing your trade-in vehicle.

Clean up

Make sure your vehicle makes a good first impression by giving it a thorough wash and wax. If you notice any scratches, chips, or dings, now is the time to fix them. Don’t forget the inside! Be sure to take all of your personal items, vacuum the seats and carpets, and wipe down hard surfaces.

Gather your paperwork

When you trade in your vehicle, you can help the process run quickly and easily by providing the title and registration. If you have your car’s service records on hand, bring them along. If you’ve been diligent in maintaining your vehicle, it could result in a higher trade-in value.

Don’t forget the extras

When trading in your vehicle, be sure to include any accessories that came with the car. Common items include extra sets of keys, discs, or cards that came with the navigation system, and the remote that accompanies a rear-seat entertainment system.

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