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INFINITI Looks to the Future with “The Makers” Tribute

When bringing luxury vehicles to life, INFINITI draws upon traditional Japanese artisanship, design philosophies, and aesthetics. To celebrate the brand’s cultural heritage, INFINITI has created a series called “The Makers,” which explores the connections between creators and their crafts.

In the most recent installation of “The Makers,” six Kyoto-based artisans conversed with INFINITI Senior Design Director Taisuke Nakamura at a roundtable-style discussion. The craftspeople discussed how ancient Japanese arts are integrated into the design of INFINITI models, as well as the challenges and joys that come with merging their traditional practices with the modern world. While these traditions may be rooted in Kyoto, the artisans expressed a desire to unite the world through beauty and innovation.

“I hope that the products that are made with such care and attention to detail are shared with the world can go beyond any religion or ideology,” explained Shuji Nakagawa, who creates handcrafted wooden vessels using a mix of traditional techniques and modern tools like computer-aided design. “It's not just about connecting people and countries but connecting people through our craft. We have that kind of potential.”

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