Leasing has become increasingly popular among car shoppers. This financing method often requires less money down, comes with lower monthly payments, and lets you get a new car every few years. Luxury models can be easier to afford, too. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to an INFINITI or you want to avoid the commitment of long-term ownership, consider leasing with us here at LOWERY BROS. INFINITI of Syracuse.

Leasing explained

Leasing is much like renting a car for a long period of time. Instead of buying or financing a vehicle, you pay the amount of depreciation that’s expected over the term of the lease, plus interest and fees. Most leases are for two to three years, and you often have to make a small down payment (though not always).

Benefits of leasing

For drivers in Syracuse and Upstate New York, leasing has never been easier. Compared to financing a vehicle, leasing often comes with the following benefits:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Lower down payments
  • The latest features and technologies
  • Warranty coverage during the term of the lease
  • Potential savings on sales tax

Many people also find that they prefer leasing because they’re not stuck with the same vehicle for several years. With a lease, you can mix it up once you get bored with a car.

Is leasing right for me?

Leasing appeals to a wide variety of people given its many benefits. For those on a fixed income, lower monthly payments and low down payments are major reasons to sign a lease. Retirees, recent graduates, and part-time workers are among many who may prefer leasing for these reasons. Additionally, leasing is ideal for those who want to upgrade to a sports car or luxury vehicle without breaking the bank. Have your eye on an INFINITI sedan or SUV? Leasing lets you get behind the wheel without a long-term commitment.

Contact LOWERY BROS. INFINITI of Syracuse to learn more about our great lease deals. Our finance department is ready and waiting to get you behind the wheel of the vehicle you want. 

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