How to Maintain a Used Luxury Vehicle | Syracuse, NY

Used INFINITI models offer the perfect blend of luxury, performance, technology, and head-turning style. Here’s how to keep your pre-owned INFINITI model looking as fresh as the day you drove it off the lot.

Washing and waxing

If you’d like your pre-owned INFINITI model to look new for years to come, regular washing and waxing are essential. Washing your vehicle does more than make it look good — it also removes organic debris and chemicals that can lead to corrosion. Be sure to use a soap that’s designed for cars, not a household cleaner or dish soap, as these can damage your vehicle’s topcoat.

Waxing offers more than a lustrous finish. It also provides a protective layer that shields your car from minor scratches, sun damage, and road grime. To keep your INFINITI vehicle in peak condition, consider washing your car every few weeks, and waxing it every three months.

Repairing scratches and dents

It doesn’t matter whether the damage came from a stray shopping cart or a fender bender — few things will diminish your vehicle’s value and appearance like neglecting cosmetic issues. Dings, dents, and scratches can expose your vehicle’s metal body to the elements, allowing rust to form. In addition to diminishing the beauty of your INFINITI, rust damage can weaken your vehicle’s structural integrity.

Cabin detailing

INFINITI models are acclaimed for their comfortable, high-quality, driver-centric cabins. Keep your luxury vehicle looking fresh with regular vacuuming and detailing. Automotive carpet tends to trap small debris, so use a stiff-bristle brush to loosen up any trapped particles as you vacuum. However, since your vacuum won’t reach all of the dust and grime, pick up a pack of disposable paintbrushes from the craft aisle at your local retailer — these are perfect for picking up dust that’s trapped in tight spots, like your vehicle’s air vents.

Leather maintenance

Leather seats elevate your INFINITI model’s luxurious cabin, but it takes a little special maintenance to keep them soft, supple, and looking fresh. Start by vacuuming them with a brush attachment to loosen up any dust or crumbs. Your vacuum’s crevice tool is perfect for sucking out debris from between seats. For a deeper clean, use a specialized leather cleaner that’s free from bleach or ammonia. Test it on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it’s safe for your vehicle. Then apply it to a microfiber cloth and rub it into the leather. Wipe off any excess and allow the upholstery to fully dry.

Stay up to date with oil changes

Maintaining your pre-owned INFINITI goes beyond the upkeep of its good looks. Regular oil changes are essential for your vehicle’s health and performance. Oil lubricates your vehicle’s engine and helps control temperatures. However, old oil can gum up the works and cause excess friction, exacerbating wear and tear. Fresh, clean oil is especially critical in performance-oriented cars, like the RED SPORT line of INFINITI models, so don’t delay if it’s been more than six months since your car’s last oil change.

Inspect the inner workings

Like other vehicle components, your vehicle’s hoses and belts can wear out over time. Check under the hood to make sure that these parts aren’t worn or cracked. If they are, they could lead to messy spills, costly damage, and even leave you stranded. Luckily, these parts are relatively inexpensive to replace. However, if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, bring your vehicle to the experts at the INFINITI of Syracuse service center — we’ll make sure everything is in working order.

Whether your car needs an oil change, new parts, or a major repair, our team of factory-trained experts has you covered. For top-quality repairs and maintenance, schedule a service appointment at INFINITI of Syracuse in Syracuse, New York.

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