2021 INFINITI Q50 Technology Spotlight | Syracuse, NY

For a premium executive sedan that delivers invigorating drives every day, get behind the wheel of the 2021 INFINITI Q50. In addition to exhilarating performance and fashionable design, the 2021 Q50 at INFINITI of Syracuse is packed with included and optional technology that you’ll want for your daily commutes in the Central New York region.

Dual touch screens at your fingertips

In most modern vehicles, you get one touch screen mounted to the center of the dashboard. The 2021 INFINITI Q50 has a smarter design, allowing you to display multiple menus at once. The INFINITI InTouch™ dual-display system contains two screens: an LCD 8-inch upper and a 7-inch lower display. Now you can access vehicle information and updated infotainment functions simultaneously.

Pair and access your phone with ease

Instead of having to squint at your smartphone’s tiny screen, keep your eyes on the road and access your device’s contents with ease by pairing it to your 2021 INFINITI Q50. Using Apple CarPlay®, you can access your iPhone® music and map apps through the 2021 Q50 digital dashboard display when you’re out in Ithaca or Utica for the day.

Connect to the internet anywhere

Wouldn’t you enjoy the freedom of streaming music, using apps, and browsing the internet on your smartphone without having to drain your monthly data allowance? INFINITI InTouch™ makes that possible with its Wi-Fi hotspot capability.
The INFINITI sedan has been built with the capacity to function as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. If you enroll in a paid access plan, you’ll be able to connect and stream on up to seven smart devices at once. That makes checking your email and streaming workplace virtual calls much easier no matter where you’re parked.

An immersive auditory experience

In addition to listening to music through your phone, you can also find your favorite artists via SiriusXM® in the 2021 Q50 or utilize high-quality MP3 playback via USB connection. The best way to listen to this music is through the available Bose® Performance Series Audio system. This 16-speaker configuration drops you into the middle of a concert-quality aural experience, using its Bose® Centerpoint layout specially made for the acoustics of the 2021 Q50.

An extra set of eyes

The 2021 INFINITI Q50 can help you react to hazards on the road that you might not otherwise notice. Its groundbreaking Predictive Forward Collision Warning is the first system of its kind in the industry. It uses a radar to monitor the road ahead of you, including two vehicles ahead of you — something no other automaker has achieved.
Another advanced safety feature you’ll appreciate as a busy working professional is Around View® Monitor. Through its multiple cameras and stitching software, you’ll have a seamless 360-degree view of your car when you’re parking in busy downtown Syracuse.
Other useful safety features for driving in the Central New York region that you’ll find on the Q50 include Lane Departure Prevention, Active Lane Control, Backup Collision Prevention, Intelligent Cruise Control, Blind Spot Intervention®, and Forward Emergency Braking. They’re all part of the must-have INFINITI Safety Shield system on the Q50.

Fast response after an accident

Even if you’re a careful driver and utilize all of these helpful safety tools on the 2021 INFINITI Q50, there’s still a chance you’ll experience an auto accident here in Syracuse. When that happens, you can trust that your 2021 INFINITI Q50 will be ready.
Included on every new Q50 is the Automatic Collision Notification feature, which can connect you via voice command to a live Response Specialist immediately after a car crash. Explain the situation and wait for emergency assistance to arrive. You can also press the SOS button to reach a Response Specialist.

Best of all, the 2021 INFINITI Q50 comes at a remarkably low starting price for a premium sedan. So even if you haven’t considered owning an INFINITI, luxury may be more affordable than you’d expect. Find a great deal on your next — or first — luxury sedan here in the CNY area when you visit INFINITI of Syracuse.

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